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ClonBio Group Ltd is a family owned Irish agribusiness that manufactures sustainable bioproducts from grain. The Group is a market leader and large-scale producer of renewable energy and animal nutrition in Europe. ClonBio invests in biotechnology that creates commercially viable bioproducts.

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The Group has developed Europe’s largest grain based biorefinery over the past decade with an investment of €250 million. Managed by its operating subsidiary, Pannonia Bio, it is situated close to its corn feedstock source in the fertile crop growing regions of Hungary. The refining process separates the constituent elements of feed corn, namely starch, protein, fibre and oils, into raw materials for renewable bioproducts.

The biorefinery currently produces ethanol and protein enriched animal feed in volume. ClonBio also functions as an incubator for bioproducts, trialling laboratory proven concepts for their potential to achieve commercial scale. Novel bioproducts are currently being developed in nutrition, health, biochemical and energy markets in partnership with concept originators.



ClonBio acts as the provider of technology and production expertise, not as an investor. Investment packages that introduce outside stakeholders to commercialise bioproducts are developed separately. These are assessed through an external consultancy, Shannonbridge Investments, at the Group’s head office in Dublin.



ClonBio is a leading industry advocate for the creation of regulatory environments that enable private sector investment in the bioeconomy. Through its subsidiary, Ethanol Europe Renewables (EERL), the Group participates actively in international policy forums relevant to the corn ethanol industry.