Highquality plant protein concentrates and isolates are in increasing demand inEurope in markets focused on the reality that European diets are graduallychanging. To date, the lack of plant proteins that are all of cost-effective,high quality, clean label GMO free and non-exotic has limited both the scaleand the social equity of plant protein market penetration.

The plantprotein concentrates that Pannonia Bio is introducing to the market in 2022 arethus an important building block for plant proteins generally in the EU andwill be complemented in coming years with further similar products.

"Theproduction of plant-based protein products in Dunaföldvár to meet the growingneeds of the food industry in the coming years has been Pannonia Bio'soverriding focus for years now. Years ago, we invested in several companies andin our own large R&D team, moving us to the forefront of innovation.  That we are coming to market with large scaleis what Pannonia does, and our new barley protein facility is actually one ofthe 10 largest processing facilities in the world " says Ferenc Hódos,Strategic Director of Pannonia Bio.

Hódos Ferenc

PannoniaBio's protein products will be available to food production companiesthroughout the EU and can be used in a wide variety of food categories, such assnacks, bakery products, breakfast cereals, dairy substitutes and meatsubstitutes.