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The protein in grain is a valuable feed product known as DDGS that strengthens the European food chain, contributing to food security by reducing Europe’s protein deficiency. ClonBio feed products are all antibiotic free and GMO free, labels that are becoming increasingly important in the European agri-food sector. Valuable vegetable oils (corn oil) are also extracted from the corn and marketed as animal feed enhancers.

Removing the starch (and fiber) from the grain dramatically enhances the nutrient value of the corn. Entering the process, each kernel contains 70% starch, 9% protein, 4% fat and 10% fibre. At the end of the refining process nutrients in the DDGS have increased to 31% protein, 6% fat and 30% fibre, while the starch element has been reduced to just 3%. The DDGS is exported to countries all over Europe and beyond. New protein bioproducts under development include enriched protein feeds and speciality fish feed.