About Us

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ClonBio is a Turley family business founded by Mark Turley in 2008 to invest in renewable technologies. The Group’s head office is located in Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin. Mark has a successful track record as an entrepreneur in transport and property. He was motivated to diversify into agribusiness from experience on a family farm in the West of Ireland.

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Clonbio Group management has proven expertise and a successful record in the biotech industry. The leadership team consists of seasoned professionals with international experience in the sector from Europe, the USA and Russia.

The Group has developed Europe’s largest grain based biorefinery over the past decade with an investment of €250 million. Managed by its operating subsidiary, Pannonia Bio, it is situated close to its corn feedstock source in the fertile crop growing regions of Hungary. The refining process separates the constituent elements of feed corn, namely starch, protein, fibre and oils, into raw materials for renewable bioproducts.



ClonBio’s culture rewards independent thought and initiative. The family ethic brings stability in leadership, commitment beyond commercial success, flexibility in finding solutions, ambition to reach for new horizons and an outlook that is not just quarterly but generational.